Trained Fine Artists With Over 20 years of Satisfying Clients

Providing Fine Art for your interiors Whitney Studios caters to the individuals taste and sensibilities.

Having worked with interior designers for personal and commercial interiors we have established good work ethics with our clientele.

Paintings and Murals are personal statements, with the right colors and images your visions can be made a reality!

Please contact us with your needs and wants at 213-380-69910 or email us at

Clients include:

Ruskin Art Club Citrus Suites Hotel
Jim Dobson   Lowenbrau Keller/Medusa Restaurant
Miss Issa Rob Rettberg(the other studio)
United Design Mrs. Stan Lee
Bob Moore Design 888 Restaurant
SK Tae Kwondo Center Dr. Bruez
Halloween Superstore Chad Stahelski
Maniacci Design House LA Dealer Auto House
Aries Media Group Millicent Grappell Interior Design
PE Builders Steven May/Little Tokyo Lofts
El Coyote Restaurant 7th Day Adventist Church
Michael Design 1st Presbyterian Church
Dr. Harrelson Douglas Kirkland Photography
Dr. Sheila Kar
DL Design Architects
Global Construction Services
Stevenson Berg and Lasseter

Skinny Kitchen


Contact us by phone, fax or e-mail with your vision or would like to review our extensive portfolio.
If you have a picture or style in mind feel free to include an attachment and estimated dimensions.
For fine art inquiries please include the title of the piece.
How to contact us
Tel: 213-380-6991
Serving all of Los Angeles