Focused on Abstract painting and contracting for over 30 years David and Sue have not limited their skills.
Murals often require realism which requires an understanding of composition and planning.
Sues whimsical ink and acrylic drawings and Davids downtown series show their diversity of aesthetics.
Sues Crazy Quilts,, see her sharp sense of composition.
Davids Abstracts,, for his language of abstract symbolism.

David Whitney Douthat

Born and raised in Santa Monica, CA. David attended Sonoma State University as a fine art major.

Studying under the direction of William Morehouse and Jay Defeo his talents attracted much attention. His work is in private collections and galleries throughout the world.
He found great insperation with the works of kandinsky, Motherwell, Miro and Klee.

David’s love of the abstract expressionist movement kept him inspired despite the culture’s lack of interest.
His work deals with the relation between geometric shapes, lines and color.
David looks to continue his work with fauvism coloration of architectual shapes
combining his love for historical buildings.
At present David is working on completing a realism series of paintings of historical theatres on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles, inspired by the cultural renaisance.
Art expresses the spirituality of man. Life is endlessly beautiful.

Sue Whitney

Sue Whitney born and raised in Newcastle, England loved the animated characters of Walt Disney.

She would copy the characters of fantasy teaching herself to recreate the genius she saw with drawing and painting.

As an adult she lived in France and studied abstract techniques using printers inks with acclaimed artist Werner Paulick.
She Has shown in galleries in France, Switzerland, England and the US.
Sue is an accomplished emerging artist with over 42 published works. She has both publishing and licensing contracts which include prints, art on tile and calenders. 12 of her works have published in the book “Great Art” by T. Pergola. Her work is in private collections and galleries throughout the world.
Her current work was inspired by her ink drawings, simplistic rhythmic forms that create imaginary scenes of everyday life.

Sue’s gift of creativity allows the viewer to add theur own life experience to her work as suggestive lines of expression.

Art is the magic of life, it has it’s own spirituality that can be expressed with every stroke.